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Stader by Staderlabs

Stader is a multi-chain, non-custodial liquid staking protocol, currently live on six chains including Polygon (scaling suite for ETH), Fantom, BNB, NEAR, Hedera, and Terra 2.0.

Stader has ~$125M in TVL across chains and over 25k+ unique wallets staking on the platform.

Stader is supported by a 150k+ member strong community across chains.

Stader is building key staking middleware infra for multiple PoS networks for retail crypto nusers, exchanges, and custodians.

Aim to achieve this by simplifying staking & offering the best yield opportunities through staking and Defi.

>Stader has deep expertise in building out full-fledged Defi ecosystems for its liquid tokens with 40+ protocols supporting our LSDs including AAVE v3 (Polygon market), Balancer, Beefy, Quickswap, Apeswap, BeethovenX, and more

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