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UniDex is a DeFi aggregation layer.

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Unidex Research

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Unidex Research

Unidex - The Defi Aggregation Layer


UniDex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to transform the accessibility of financial instruments for traders operating within the DeFi ecosystem.

As a centralized platform for traders, UniDex endeavors to offer the most favorable rates for financial instruments, similar to the function of NASDAQ, which facilitates orders for diverse financial instruments.

To achieve this, UniDex plans to direct orders towards the best available rate from a variety of sources and matching orders, thereby providing traders with a seamless trading experience.

Furthermore, UniDex intends to provide a range of trading tools to support traders, including options aggregation, swap aggregation, perpetual aggregation, cross-chain trading, exotic leverage trading pairs, advanced analytics, and other features.

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