Next-Gen DeFi Trading Strategies

TheBit Research Limited is a Proprietary Trading Firm, Researching DeFi and Automated Trading

Web3 Cruise Dubai

Early 2024 we organized a successful VIP meetup in the UAE, Dubai. Contact if you want to be invited for the 2025 edition.

Our Service

Proprietary Trading

We manage a diverse internal portfolio, specializing in DeFi-related tokens and cryptocurrencies, leveraging market insights for optimal asset performance.

DeFi Research

Our team excels in the collection and in-depth analysis of on-chain data, complemented by the creation and distribution of comprehensive research reports.

Automated Trading Strategies

We focus on identifying and developing successful trading strategies, seamlessly integrating them into our sophisticated trading bots for enhanced market engagement.

Consultancy and Tokenomics

Offering expert consultancy and strategic tokenomics design, we provide tailored solutions to reinforce and elevate your business model with efficiency and innovation.

Are you looking for funding? Send us your whitepaper.

We leverage several high quality networks of investors. After providing you with feedback on your tokenomics strategy and doing our due diligence we can move your idea forward in these networks.

Our Clients

Research on Demand | TheBit Research

Research on Demand

Do you need research into a specific DeFi protocol ? We do Research on Demand at the highest quality possible.