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Do you have an interesting idea to explore Web3 ?

As part of our consultancy service we offer Tokenomics Design with optional ongoing support.

Part of the design is an internally developed financial model in which we show all parameters that influence the token price like offloading investor stakes, scenario's for revenue streams, inflation and many more.

How will we help

Our research analysts can design a winning tokenomics strategy for your project.

We research the tokenomics design of your largest competitors and distill opportunities.

We will make sure your tokens have upward pressure by design.

We will break down all the factors that influence the token price and come with a design based on mathematical models and facts.

For quality customers we provide ongoing support like attending zoom calls with investors to defend the choices made in the design.

The Financial Model

We capture all the data that's coming from your business model and integrate that into the data that comes out of the tokenomics design, into an advanced financial model.

Tokenomics Dashboard | TheBit Research

* For illustration purposes only. The financial model is actually a large spreadsheet.

More on our Tokenomics Service

Our analysts will be closely working with you for a selected period of time and co-design your web3 strategy with you based on business objectives, incentivization, gamification, governance based on an industry benchmark.

Then we will start creating the tokenomics strategy and create a design that you host for example in a gitdocs document on your website and/or provide as a lightpaper in PFD form.

The process to do this can take from 2 weeks to 1 month and our reward is usually settled in a percentage of your token supply in addition to regular payment.

Our service doesn't stop there; we offer optional ongoing support and can join investor calls with the whole team of analysts to defend the choices made in the tokenomics design document.

This will increase your chances to obtain investment significantly.

  • We analyse your Web3 requirements
  • We do an industry benchmark
  • We design your tokenomics, based on a financial model
  • We help you onboard investors by defending the model

Want our help in Tokenomics?

Let's get in touch, you can contact us directly through telegram or use the contact form on this page.