CRV Curve δ-Neutral

CRV Delta Neutral Strategy

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CRV Curve δ-Neutral

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CRV Curve δ-Neutral

A Delta Neutral Strategy

Users can stake CRV for veCRV on Curve Finance and start getting 50% of the platform fees and governance rights to have an influence on CRV emissions to the trading pools. veCRV holders can also sell their governance rights to other parties, this phenomenon is called “bribes”.

The problem with veCRV is that it is an illiquid token, it is a representation of your locked CRV with a locking period of up to 4 years. At this moment there are services that offer you a liquid version of veCRV known as “liquid wrappers”.

Liquid wrappers are staking derivatives of the locked veCRV position, users can exchange their CRV tokens that will be forever locked on Curve for the liquid version of the veCRV. Liquid wrappers allow CRV holders to receive fees and/or bribes without locking it for 4 years and provide a chance to exit the position at any time.

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