Comprehensive infrastructure for decentralized perpetual exchanges

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Infrastructure for PERP DEXES


Reimagining bilateral OTC Derivatives by combining them with Intent-Based execution.

Allowing permissionless leverage trading of any asset, with hyperefficient just-in-time liquidity.

SYMMIO offers a comprehensive infrastructure for decentralized perpetual exchanges, enabling the integration of perpetual futures, and leveraged trading into existing or new decentralized exchanges.

It features an innovative approach to on-chain derivatives trading using OTC-based "atomic Request for Quotes" (aMFQ), bypassing the need for virtual Automated Market Makers or Order Book technology. SYMMIO's protocol facilitates direct, trustless, and decentralized clearance of digitized derivatives between parties, supported by decentralized oracles and an ndimensional order system.

This setup allows for a wide variety of market creations and efficient trading without order books.

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