Convex - Frax Finance

Convex Finance is providing a decentralized exchange, optimized for stablecoins.

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Convex - Frax Finance

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Convex - Frax Finance

Convex Finance - Boosted Curve Staking

Earn CRV with a better boost

Deposit your Curve LP tokens to earn Curve trading fees, boosted CRV and CVX tokens.

Boost is pooled from CRV stakers so you do not need to worry about locking yourself.

At the end of last month, we saw the introduction of FRAXBP-metapool-strategies to Convex Finance adding many Convex-based and Fraxswap-based boosted yield-farming opportunities.

Since those pools offer inflationary rewards from up to three different platforms (Curve Finance, Convex Finance and FRAX Finance) as well as native swapfees, the current APR rates are relatively high.

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